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Play Your Way To Wealth!


So why a game?


First, it’s just fun! Second, it is like a simulation. Simulations have long been an effective method of learning. When teaching support for occupations such as fire fighters, police, medical and military professions, simulation is a necessary component in the learning cycle. Imagine what might have happened to the airplane full of passengers had Captain Scully not practiced landing in an emergency through hundreds of hours of simulation. Because of the life-like scenarios he experienced this way, he safely landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson river and all 155 passengers survived. So you see, simulation works.


What has been discovered is that information can be more quickly taught using simulation, as a way to train through repetition. It has been proven that through simulation methods there is substantial improvement of knowledge gained and better retention of information.


The Cone of Learning explains this best:


By playing IMPACT, a game that simulates possible real life scenarios, a player can experience the outcome of financial decisions in a safe learning environment.


Through the game, a player can practice making decisions, thereby developing new levels of knowledge and understanding.


Ultimately this can save a player loss of real money, as well as time and pain; or teach them how to make their money grow and build wealth.


And it’s a heck of a lot of fun!


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