Certified Master Trainer


A Certified Master Trainer (referred to as a CMT) is an Independent Contractor with IMPACT Edutainment (herein referred to as “Company”).

A CMT is also a Founding Trainer for IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® (herein referred to as ITMMG). The CMT is a limited opportunity, extended to only 50 positions nationwide.

A CMT will be an IMPACT Game Trainer, but will also have the benefit of recruiting future Certified Trainers (CT) and Certified Facilitators (CF) and being compensated for enrollments and sales of those CT’s and CF’s. In essence, it is similar to compensation as a “Sales Manager”, without the managing responsibilities. Compensation is explained in more detail in another section.

In addition, a CMT will be trained to support, facilitate, or lead future Training Certification classes. A CMT will be compensated for leading Trainer Certification classes. Compensation is explained in more detail in another section.

A CMT may deliver an IMPACT Money Mastery program themselves, co-lead it with another CMT, CT or CF. The CMT has the flexibility to determine the shared compensation.


CMT Role:


To market, sell and conduct workshops and seminars, using IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® and materials

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 To market and sell ITMMG products and services – listed in more detail below

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 Possesses the skills, ability and willingness to deliver all ITMMG programs. Securities licensed CMT’s agree to request approval of Broker-Dealer compliance department

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 To attract and refer future CT’s and CF’s to the “Company”, being compensated for such

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 To support, facilitate, or lead future Training Certification classes, upon being trained and approved by “Company”

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 To maintain an minimum level of sales to retain CMT position and overrides

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 To market and develop sales in the Corporate arena, for Employee programs

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 An interest and willingness to market, sell and conduct workshops and seminars in other market segments (organizations, groups, associations, etc.)

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 To utilize approved “Company” materials for marketing, proposals, contracts, trainings, etc.

IMPACTDOTStransp-shad701x57 A commitment to improve Financial Literacy globally, and empower others through experiential learning


Experience and Skills:

Excellent people skills

Experience in Outside Sales

Experience in conducting training programs

Experience in Business Development

Ability to connect, engage and sell to C-level professionals and key decision makers at large companies (target market for companies is 50+ employees)

Professional appearance and demeanor is a MUST

Background in Recruiting, Financial industry, Corporate Training, Teaching, Business Ownership is a plus

Familiar with use of prospect tracking platforms


Outstanding follow-up and follow-through skills

Entrepreneurial skills

Has a passion and desire to empower others in the areas of financial education and personal development

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