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IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® today!

Own the game that got the attention (and thumbs up!) of Billionaire Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Unite charity organization.

Making Branson laugh

It’s Entertaining!

It’s Dynamic and Interactive!

It’s Educational!

It’s a Strategy game!

It’s a Simulation – experiential so you can “Practice in a Game, Not in Real Life!”

It’s Perpetual – continue from game to game and “Play Your Way To Wealth!”


ANYONE can build wealth – it takes knowledge and experience. Play IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® for a few hours and gain years of experience and knowledge!

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This high quality game set includes:

  • Game board

  • 420 unique game cards

  • 6 people pawns

  • 6 card clips

  • 1 dice

  • 6 pencils

  • 1 eraser

  • 1 calculator

  • 1 set Score sheets

  • Instructions

  • A copy of “Your Guide To Great Money©”

  • Private access to live video tips and instructions by inventor, Cathy Cunningham Hankinson

Start 2017 with a new Money Mindset!

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