Sir Richard Branson plays IMPACT

Board Games With Branson: Guess Who Won?

Sir Richard Branson plays to win. Even when he doesn’t know the game.
Sitting on the patio of Richmond entrepreneur Patrick Hull’s lakeside house on Saturday morning, he stares bemusedly at a board that looks like a Twister-Candyland mash-up.


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I gained a better understanding of money and financial concepts. The biggest realization for me was how much I’ve avoided knowing about money. This information has helped me to understand the importance of being financially literate before making big financial commitments.

Megha Rodriguez, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Your Guide to Great Money™ and IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® are an excellent way to learn about basic finances as well as more advanced concepts. And playing the game is a heck of a lot of fun!

James A. Lawhon, Atlanta, Georgia


Your Guide to Great Money™ helped me realize that every penny counts, and that I have a choice to manage my money instead of letting my money manage me. I felt extremely empowered after the first time I played IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® and now, every time I play, I feel even in more control of my financial future.

Stephanie Lin Kusic, Atlanta, Georgia


“The best way to predict your future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln

Your Guide to Great Money™ is a masterpiece that will teach you just that. It teaches the fundamentals of saving, investing and making money work for you. And IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® is infectious! You will want to play again and again. *They don’t teach you this in school. I learned more about ‘good financial planning’ from playing the game than I ever did in my entire financial career. Love it!

Anne-Marie Lewis, Pensions Manager – Atlanta, GA


I can play IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® for 3 hours and get 5 years of experience.

Glenn Bravy, Austin, Tx


Personally, what’s been amazing is to realize that I can give & save/pay myself first, confidently, before anything else and have plenty of money left over for whatever happens in business, life, etc. I know this is a game, however it’s also a metaphor for life, and just as random as the game is…such is life. That is HUGE for me – it’s helped me relax and be in the flow. It’s great to learn such an important lesson!!

Nancy Jamison, Atlanta, Georgia


Money is a big stressor for many people today. The biggest stressor is a lack of knowledge concerning how to manage our money. This helped me to see what I have, and haven’t been doing; what I need to do to simply accomplish my goals and desires for my financial well-being.

Vincent Clardy, Los Angeles, California


This is not as hard we think. Money education is necessary for us to have financial freedom.

Ellsworth (CPA) and Dawn Quinton, Atlanta, GA


This gives you insight on how you go about making financial decisions. I recommend it to anyone.

Sam Poole, Atlanta, GA


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