The Game


Is your money working for YOUcheryls 4… or are you always working for money?


Do you know your Financial Independence Number?


Do you know what it takes to own all of your time so you have “choices” now… not just when you retire?


Wish you knew how to evaluate investment opportunities better?


Are you ready to take action to succeed; have more money and prosperity in your life?


IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® is just that….a game. In a fun, relaxed environment, you can simulate potential real life money scenarios. By playing the game, you can experience the outcome of financial decisions in a “pretend” scenario, rather than in real life. What could take years of real life to learn, can be experienced in a few short hours of fun.

To begin your road to wealth, you first need a better understanding of basic principles of money. This comes from questioning your current beliefs about money and building wealth. As you become aware, you can make shifts as necessary to improve your financial wisdom. You will leave more empowered to ask better questions concerning money, diversification, income improvement, and multiple stream strategies.


Learn how to have positive, more powerful money conversations IMPACT_DOTS_shadowed smallerYou will develop your own Money lMPACT PlanTM so you can take action immediately IMPACT_DOTS_shadowed smallerIt’s a new game. Learn the rules to WIN and thrive in ANY economy! IMPACT_DOTS_shadowed smallerPractice in a game, not your life! Save yourself future time, pain and money now!IMPACT_DOTS_shadowed smaller

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